Our mission is to build an open cloud for everyone

As the creators of Akash Network, we're building the infrastructure and software tools that will power the next generation of the open internet. We care about open source development, decentralization, and sovereignty.

The things we build reflect that ethos. We are a fully-distributed global team of open-source developers, blockchain experts, and technology professionals working to build an open cloud for everyone.

Akash Network Roadmap

Our Journey


Greg Osuri and Adam Bozanich begin work on what would become the first version of Akash Network.

June 2015

Overclock Labs, originally “Ovrclk Inc.”, is registered in Delaware. Overclock Labs is the company that would go on to create Akash Network.

February 2016

Overclock Labs raises its first round of financing, led by Tuesday Capital (frm. Crunch Fund), with participation from notable Silicon Valley investors such as Auren Hoffman, Kevin Lin, and People Fund.

December 2016

The first version of DISCO (Distributed Infrastructure for Serverless Computing Operations) is launched. DISCO is a serverless edge computing platform based on Kubernetes.

June 2017

The idea of adding an open market to DISCO is conceived. This open market, code-named “Photon,” would eventually become Akash Network.

November 2017

The first version of the Akash Technical Paper is released. The project is still named “Photon” during this phase.

June 2018

Overclock Labs raises its second round of financing to continue building Akash Network.

January 2019

The first prototype of Akash, which is built with the Tendermint consensus engine, is released with a Devnet.

September 2019

Overclock Labs releases the Akash Economics Whitepaper, which outlines the tokenomics of AKT (Akash Network's utility token) in securing the network.

November 2019

Akash Network's first incentivized Testnet is released alongside the Akash Founding Member and Genesis 10 programs.

April 2020

The Akashian Challenge is launched. The initiative quickly becomes the second largest (at that time) incentivized testnet after Ethereum.

September 2020 - MAINNET 1

Akash’s Mainnet 1 is launched which includes staking, as a security incentivization, and the Token Generation Event.

March 2021 - MAINNET 2

Akash Network's Mainnet 2 is launched. This upgrade includes the marketplace functionality that defines Akash today.

First Prototype

The first prototype of Akash, built with Tendermint consensus engine, was released with a Devnet.

March 2022

Incentived Testnet 3 is launched. Over 1000 participants test features like Authortized Spend, Persistent Storage, and increased network capabilities. Testnet 3 is success.

April 2022 - MAINNET 3

Akash Network's Mainnet 3 upgrade is launched, which includes flagship network features like Persistent Storage.

Meet the people behind our products...

Our Mission

Overclock Labs' mission is to bring more people onto the Supercloud. As the creators of Akash Network, we work to develop the network alongside a world-class community of builders. We also develop software tools to improve the user experience on Akash Network.

Our Vision

Overclock Labs envisions a world where more people have access to the cloud. Where networks are open and maintained by communities — not only by corporations. Most importantly, we're working to give people access to the benefits and features of a global cloud, without sacrificing ownership and control of their data. We call our vision 'Sovereign at Scale.'

Culture & Benefits

We are a fully distributed company

Our team works remotely from different cities around the world. Because we work across many different time zones, our schedules are flexible — balancing asynchronous work with scheduled meetings.

We work independently, and as a team

At Overclock Labs, we work independently, push ourselves to set ambitious goals, and deliver outstanding results alongside a team of high-performing contributors.

We offer flexible time off

We know everyone needs time to recharge to do their best work. Overclock Labs offers unlimited paid time off, so you can take the time you need.

We welcome diverse ways of thinking

Overclock Labs is a talented, forward-thinking team with diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

We're a fully-remote team, but we like to get together in person too.